The best part about working a trip, the Layover. Usually a 24 hour layover. Over the slower winter months, the trips can have 2-5 day layovers. Those are the best but hard to get at my seniority.

During a short 24 hour layover, I tend to shower and go straight out after I arrive at my hotel. And then I need to get a good sleep from pulling an all-nighter before i go back to work and fly all day again. So I can only travel so far in 8-12 hours. However, I still get to explore some pretty cool stuff. Whether it’s a day spent at the Louvre, or a trip to the Vatican, or even a day trip to Toledo, these adventures are always amazing. I try to see something new every layover. No slam-clicking for me!

My airline currently flies to: all 50 US states, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Munich, Milan, Rome, Zurich, Chile, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Rio, Buenos Aires, Dominican Republic, Reykjavik, Mexico, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal Cuba, Sydney, Dakar, Johannesburg, Dublin, Edinburgh, Beijing, Narita, Haneda, Hong Kong. The seasonal destinations include Lisbon, Azores, Copenhagen, Athens, Glasgow, Shannon, Prague.

So if you are ever curious what can be done in a few hours, or simply want to check out new sites, take a peek at my layover adventures!