Bliss Lean Machine

During the Covid quarantine, I found this in the back of my closet and decided to finally use it. With six weeks at home why not.

This machine by Bliss is supposed to get rid of cellulite by suctioning the skin and massaging it to stimulate the skin. Does it work? No.

I tried this for 8 weeks on a daily basis. I even used the recommended Bliss Fat Girl Slim cream. Which doesn’t work either.

So how does it work? You apply the cream and then place the machine on the legs and it will suction and release your skin while you glide it in upward strokes.

It actually did somewhat reduce the appearance of cellulite albeit temporarily. The suctioning left the skin red so you didn’t see the cellulite. But then it comes back right after the redness fades in a few minutes. And weeks of use didn’t help.

Another issue was that it was hard to get a good suction on the buttocks or inner thighs. Really only got a good suction on the thighs.

Did it hurt? Sometimes the machine would get a really good suction and it would hurt and you have to push the emergency release button. But overall it was fine.

I’m sad to say this product didn’t work because I think everyone would like a cellulite eraser. Skip this one.

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