Juniper Restaurant in Tulsa

A recent work trip to Tulsa landed me at Juniper for lunch. It’s located right in central downtown.

It started off a bit shaky when the only waitress blew me off to serve the regulars. When she finally did arrive, I was already annoyed. I was actually looking up alternative restaurants when she appeared.

So I stayed. I ordered the peacharita. A jalapeño tequila with a peach liquor with agave and lime juice. The cocktail was very refreshing. A nice peach flavor with a little zing from the jalapeño. A great variation on the standard margarita.

I was also served some fresh bread with garlic butter. The bread was not my favorite. A standard wheat. But the butter was quite flavorful with a nice hint of garlic.

I also opted for the house special. A rack of lamb with basmati rice and fried Brussel sprouts for only $18. The lamb was cooked to perfection, a perfect pink. Tender and juicy. The rice had a delightful buttery flavor which really paired well with the tangy Brussels sprouts that tasted as though they were sautéed in a balsamic reduction. The portion felt a little small but it’s probably the perfect amount. As they say, overeating is bad! But it was a great lunch. I would recommend this place.

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