Delmonico’s Steakhouse

As I continue my quest to eat at every top steakhouse in New York City, I finally made it to Delmonico’s steakhouse. A New York institution established in 1837. Off of Wall Street, it’s the first fine dining establishment in the USA.

The bar area has the typical old school NYC steakhouse setting, Dark wood, dark bar. But the dining room seemed a little more wide open with much lighter traditional room. You can see everyone in the main dining room. Definitely not as intimate as some of the other steakhouses.

We could not get a reservation last minute so we went to the bar. You can get the same food as the main restaurant plus additional items. I prefer the ambience of this room to the stuffier, more formal dining room.

We ordered the burrata and tomatos off the main menu as well as the tuna tartar. For dinner we ordered the small filet with a salad off the bar menu.

The burrata and tomato’s were to die for. Best thing of the whole evening. The tuna was fresh and delicious but the consistency looked like slimy mush. It was very good but my husband got turned off by the texture and wouldn’t eat much.

Our biggest disappointment was the steak. The waiter brought the steak frites instead of the filet mignon. We also ordered it Oscar style but on the side and every thing came out on top. It was super disappointing. Although it was all good, it’s just not what we wanted. The steak was fatty but a delicious taste. The crab meat was amazing as was the bernaise sauce but it was too much. We both didn’t eat it all. Which is disappointing. We should have sent it back but we felt bad.

The salad that came with the steak was also very good. Absolutely amazing blue cheese dressing. Thick with a nice sharp tang of blue cheese. Really outstanding.

The wines we selected were also good and the waiter topped mine off since I was ahead of my husband.

Overall, we thought it was ok. I think the experience would have been better if we got what we ordered.

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