Laura Geller INKcredible Gel Eyeliner

I decided to try out the Laura Geller eyeliner. There are always great kits for sale on this product with gorgeous colors that catch my eye every year. And then I have to remind myself that this product stinks so do not purchase!! So what’s wrong with this product?

This product is marketed as Waterproof that stays put from dawn to dark. Ha! It doesn’t. So what is it? It is an Eyeliner with a precision tip in an automatic pencil. My favorite packaging. Retails for $22 for an individual pencil but there’s plenty of kits out there where you get 5 pencils for $28 (Nordstrom) or 6 pencils for $43 (QVC). Just look for a gift set on any website that carries this brand.

I wish this product worked as promised. It’s a smudge mess. This runs all down my eyes within a few hours when I wear it below the lash line. The product is a rich pigmented true black. Goes on smoothly with a lot of color. But within two hours I look like a raccoon.

If I wear it on the waterline, the pigment isn’t as opaque and pigmented. I get a much watery black. The product just disappeared and didn’t leave as much smudge mess. Which is better than a smudge mess but it also leaves with me with no eyeliner.

The Laura Geller Eyeliner just doesn’t work for me. That are a lot of better brands out there so this is a miss for me.

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