Lorac Unzipped Palettes

I’m a huge fan of Lorac. They have some of the best eyeshadow on the market. Or they did until they started releasing some Disney collections. But their pro line is wonderful. Eyeshadows and blushes.

The Unzipped Palette started with a neutral gold brown palette. At some point they released these three Sunset palettes. The shades are reminiscent of sunsets at their respective locations. The quality of the shadows are all very pigmented and silky smooth. Love the formula on these.

I recently found the palettes at Marshalls for $19.99. Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack also have them periodically for $16. They are a great price for high quality shadows especially if you like the shades.

Mountain Sunset. This is the coolest of the three palettes and my favorite.

Storm shimmery soft taupe

Ametrine shimmery iced plum

Mahogany shimmery dark taupe with cool undertone

Earth matte cool brown

Blackout matte black

Stone matte soft pink

Cliff side shimmery beige

Burnt Sienna shimmery orange bronze

Graphite matte cool grey

Smoke Signal shimmery blue

Desert Sunset warmest of the three palettes with the oddball purple. Can be hard to wear some pinks, but they are very wearable.

Mirage shimmery beige

Sandstorm matte pumpkin

Cirrus shimmer cream

Joshua Tree matte chocolate

Meditation shimmer royal purple

Sunrise shimmery terra-cotta pink

Shadow shimmery brown

Illusion shimmery pinky peach gold

Sunset shimmery browned magenta

Dunes matte peach

Ocean Sunset. Variety of cool and warm shades.

Mother of Pearl shimmery gold cream

Salt Water shimmery golden pale green

Ocean Floor shimmery golden brown

Horizon matte pumpkin

Sea Urchin shimmery chocolate brown

Bedrock matte mud brown

Sundown matte soft brown rose

Sandbar shimmery bronze gold

High Tide matte soft burgundy rose

Stingray matte black

While none of the shades are identical, several appear similar on the lids.

Overall, the quality on these shadows are great. I would not hesitate to get one or all if you find one on sale. The shadows are super pigmented and creamy. Very nice.

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