MAC Modern Twist Kajal Liner In New Marine

Do not let me buy any more MAC eyeliners! They all smudge. The power-points, the technakohls, the fluidlines, the Eye Kohl’s. MAC pencil liners just smudge on me.

But I do have to say, this Modern Twist Kajal Liner was the least smudgey. This is an automatic pencil. You simply twist to get the pencil out. My favorite. Sharpeners are such a pain.

This a supposed to be a waterproof formula that glides on easily for rimming the inner rim. MAC has since discontinued this line. Probably because It’s not waterproof or pigmented enough for the inner rim.

New Marine is a shimmery teal. It’s lighter than Urban Decay 24/7 Overdrive liner. Pretty shade but it’s Not really noticeable on the eyes. This smudged and pretty much erased after all day. So it didn’t leave as much raccoon eyes as a darker shade.

You can find this on clearance but Unless you fall in love with a color, the liner just doesn’t last as promised.

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