Kaja Cat Nap Under Eye Brightener

This product wins as surprise hit of 2018. I wasn’t really in the market for an eye brightener. I have tried a few from Becca and Smashbox among others, but never really found one I needed.

I saw a review of this online and was immediately intrigued. So I grabbed one during the 20% off sale at Sephora. Retails for $19 for .19 oz.

Kaja is one of those Korean brands that has been gaining popularity. The product is designed to brighten under the eye, with or without concealer.

Comes in a large tube with doe foot applicator. Easy to dot under the eye. A soft peach highlighter. The product is fairly thin. But I could use this on no makeup days to brighten.

I absolutely loved this. Although you might put this on and see nothing, as I angled in different light and mirrors, I could see the side with the product was brighter. The formula provides enough slip to layer with any concealers. Including concealers that might be a little on the dry side. This didn’t cake or crease into my fine lines. There is no shimmer either.

This color worked perfectly with my light olive complexion to brighten my under eye circles. Overall, I love this stuff. I would highly recommend.

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