Movenpick Hotel in Petra Jordan

We picked this hotel because it was supposedly the closest five star hotel to Petra. It’s not. There’s a five star Sheraton inside the main gate to Petra, and next to the legendary Cave Bar.

The Movenpick is close though. Across the street. I’m slightly annoyed though because I paid more for this hotel based on the location. They actually state on the website it’s the closest resort. But it’s not.

After clearing security, and all the metal detectors, the hotel entrance is quite busy. The front desk is tiny. But the hotel has a great Moroccan/oriental type feel. There’s some greeters dressed in traditional garb with arrival tea and dates. It felt authentic.

The common areas were beautiful. Really well done. The Morrocan theme was throughout the main areas. But that’s where it ended.

Our room was a standard boring room with no sugnficant decorations at all. Plain. Small. Small bathroom. We had a balcony that wouldn’t lock and it overlooked a small crappy pool and some construction. Overall, the room was a disappointment. It wasn’t a five star luxury room.

We left before the breakfast buffet but they did pack us a breakfast box to go. Dinner was in the lobby area. Simple food. Nothing was great but it wasn’t bad either.

It did enable us to walk across the street to enter Petra at 6am, when it opens. We beat the crowds and got some good empty photos at the sites this way. Plus it is cooler earlier in the day.

Overall, quality of the room was disappointing. This hotel is ranked as a five Star hotel but it feels more like a 4. I’d probably check out the Sheraton next time or see what was cheaper. But we paid more for this hotel since we thought it was closest to Petra.

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