Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa

After we left Cairo, we headed down to Luxor to check out the Valley of the Kings. The Winter Palace was sold out, so we opted to try this hotel. The Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa.

It says it’s downtown but not sure what you would want to go see within walking distance. There didn’t seem to be anywhere worth going during our drive to the hotel. It was probably 10 minutes drive from Karnak.

It had a gate at the entry to the property and metal detectors when you enter the hotel. But this was the safety precaution in every hotel all over the Middle East. It seems strange at first but you get used to it.

The entry and patios were spectacular. This is a place you want to lounge by the pool. So pretty. All in a Moroccan decor. All set along the Nile River for beautiful views. I was very impressed by the beautiful common areas of this hotel.

The luxury of the entry and outdoors ended with the actual rooms. Average tiny rooms with basic furniture. Rooms seemed outdated and out of style with the rest of the hotel. This was the smallest room we had the whole trip. But it was clean and had everything you need. Beds average as well as average shower.

Food here was awful. We had breakfast included every morning and there was a nice array of fruits, cereals, pastries along with an egg station. Overall is was pretty good. However lunch and dinners were awful. Overpriced mediocre food. In fact, worse food we consumed the entire trip.

The spa was also a mixed review. The spa rooms were gorgeous and everyone was super nice. My foot massage was very nice and almost as much as the cost in the USA. The manicure was more than in the USA and polishes were so old they wouldn’t dry. That was a big waste. I thought Egypt was supposed to be cheap, but not in this swanky hotel.

Overall, I would have preferred to stay at the Winter Palace. But if a spectacular pool is your thing, then it was really pretty.

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