Smashbox Holidaze Always On Eyeliner Set

Holiday season is upon us. And nothing says holiday better than makeup gift sets! Minis and exclusive kits and packaging. So much fun stuff! I probably buy 50% of makeup at this time.

This kit included 5 eyeliners, one liquid and 4 eyeliner pencils. The packaging comes in a funky retro design. Fun.

But the cute packaging is really the only thing going. I was disappointed to see these weren’t automatic pencils but need a sharpener. And then I tried the pencils. Glide on smoothly without tugging but they smudged. Only lasted a few hours. Comes in 4 boring shades. Black, brown, purple, and a shimmery nude that’s really sheer.

The liquid liner was standard black with really cool packaging, a sleek black and red tube. Loved the marker tip. This lasted all day without smudging.

Overall, nothing great here. The set retails for $39 but was a miss for me.

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