Peter Luger Restaurant Review

This place has been on my bucket list for years. A recent weekend in Manhattan finally brought me to this iconic restaurant.

I’ve been making my way around the great steakhouses of New York City for the last several years. I’ve had the pleasure to dine at the majority of big NYC steakhouses. Spark’s, Keen’s, Smith and Wolinksy, Capital Grille, Old Benjamin, DelFrisco’s, Quality Meats, Benjamin steak houses. So my need to hit the most notable of all has weighed on me.

What took me so long? Location and $. Not the price but the fact they only take cash or their own credit card. Note: they now take debit cards as well. And the other reason i had yet to eat here, location. Brooklyn is just far from the usual places I stay in NYC.

Well I finally made it. So here’s the details. There’s free parking across the street, a couple lots down. Just tip the attendant at the end.

We went on a Monday afternoon at 2:30pm. packed! We were lucky we reserved a table. This place is busy.

The restaurant itself is old school. Old furniture and decor. Nothing special at all. There’s a bar downstairs as well as a few dining rooms. Upstairs are even more dining rooms. This place is pretty large. And I’m sure I didn’t see it all!

The menu is small and traditional. Simple old school steakhouse menu. The classics.

The table is immediately set with bread, butter and the classic Peter Luger Steakhouse sauce. The bread is fresh and classic. Onion rolls and plain dinner rolls.

We opted for the dry aged porterhouse steak for three, the hash browned potatoes, and the creamed spinach. At the waiters suggestion no less. We also started with two pieces of bacon.

Two thick cut pieces of bacon. Kinda fatty. It paired well with the steak sauce. A tangy ketchup bbq thin blend.

Next came the main course. A massive porterhouse sliced by the waiters who proceeded to serve us everything in seconds.

I thought it was ok. That’s right ok. I mean, it was good. Perfectly cooked. Delicious flavors. But I just can’t say it was the best I ever had. I’ve had good steaks at the other places. I kinda enjoy having some modern twists on the menu instead of just classic menu choices.

The meal was great don’t get me wrong. I just don’t need to go back!

After dinner they brought some gold coin chocolates with the check. They were really good and hit the spot.

Peter Luger was good but it’s not the best steakhouse in NYC. If I happened to be in Brooklyn, I would go back but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here.


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