Amika Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush Review

I saw this in the checkout line at Sephora and it was so cute I grabbed it. I travel a lot and love the idea of mini anything. But this tiny heated hair brush looked like a fun travel option to straighten my hair.

Now I have to preface this review with the fact that I have really good hair. It’s basically almost straight. In fact, I usually just wash and go wet. But sometimes I want it pin straight. A little neater.

I have a mini flat iron by Chi which is great. But this was new and interesting so I grabbed it. And it was only $35. What a deal with it’s own pretty pink carrying case!

I used it and it seemed like I had to brush my hair a lot to get my hair straight. The brush gets hotter than I expected. It heats up in a minute. You can touch the back and outer circle bristles but the inside thick bristles get hot so you still need to be careful you don’t touch in between or you will get burned. This thing gets hot!

So I decided to test the Amika. Half my head with the Amika mini brush and half with my mini flat iron. I brushed with the Amika for 5 minutes and my hair was mostly smoothed out but puffy. Then I started the flat iron side. In less than three minutes, my hair was perfectly pin straight and smoothed out.

Clearly the Amika mini polishing brush is a big waste of money for me. I want as little heat as possible on my hair and the continuous brushing and heat will damage my hair more than a few quick strokes with a flat iron. This mini brush took twice as long as a traditional flat iron. I’m returning this product.


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