San Francisco Marriott Marquis Review

I recently got to stay at this hotel in San Francisco. Compared to our layover hotel, this place is a veritable palace. However compared to high end hotels, this place just lingers right in the middle.

Obviously part of the Marriott chain, I don’t know what the Marquis part is supposed to represent. Is it nicer than your average Marriott? I’ve also stayed at the one in Times Square. Seems to me they are just larger with a ton of conference space.

Nonetheless, this hotel is located downtown in the heart of Union City. Bordering on the SOMA district, you are close to all the shopping on market street as well as the art museum.

They have a spa and fitness center as well as two restaurants and a mini mart, in addition to the View Lounge.

The View Lounge is a bar on top of the hotel with great views of the city. Unfortunately it’s packed every night and I could only squeeze in for a couple photos. Come early if you want a spot by the window. Opens at 4 p.m.

I was upgraded to a large corner room on a high floor. The rooms are a nice size. They Have everything you need. I wish they would get rid of carpets. I’m a super germphobe. My bed was comfortable and clean. The view was nice but I wasn’t facing in the direction of any of the tourist sites.

The bathroom was also quite spacious. The tub shower was the standard old school type with curtain. I prefer a shower door. Water pressure was adequate but hot water was intermittent, going to warm then too hot.

My room also included concierge access. I have to say, I hate it when the concierge room does not include free beer and wine. I kinda think they all should for at least a couple hours. I mean, we are in wine country! But alas it did not. In the morning, a full breakfast spread was laid out. It includes eggs, toasts, pastries, fresh fruit, oatmeal, coffees and teas as well as juices. Nice spread. There were no bottled waters to be found as I guess San Francisco is big on conservation. You could request bottled water otherwise there were refillable stations. At night there was a happy hour with food for about two hours. The dinner was some salads and breads and a rice dish and fish. None looked appetizing. And then a light dessert offering for another two hours.

My biggest complaint was the amount of homeless people traversing the streets near the hotel. Crack addicts all around the hotel. But in the hotels defense, they are everywhere. In fact the foreign tourists on my wine tour all commented on the dirty streets and homeless problem.

I was lucky to get this hotel free as my husband had won two nights stay in a tournament. On average the hotel costs $379 -$500 a night. I would not pay that. Although the location was fine, everything I like was closer to the water. San Francisco is not an easy city to walk with all the hills.

This hotel is close to a subway stop. I intended to take it but accidentally blocked my credit card at the airport. But a ride on the subway should cost $9.50. I took an Uber pool for $15. On the way back to the airport, I took a regular Uber and that was $30.

This hotel is rated with 4 stars. I would say it’s close to that. 3 1/2 maybe 4. I much preferred the 5 star Palace hotel in the financial district to this one.

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