Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Lip Duo Reviews

Lorac is one of my favorite brands. They have come out with some excellent products over the years. The past few years, Lorac has collaborated with Disney to create the Beauty and the Beast collection and Pirates of the Caribbean. Not being a huge Disney fan, neither collection really inspired me. But lo and behold, a great sales Price! I quickly grabbed a couple lip duos and the shadow palette at Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s respectively.

I could not resist the lip duos at Nordstrom Rack for $5. I picked up two, Risk it All and Barboss-y. They also had the blue duo but I really had no clue what to do with that so I passed.

The lip duos consist of a lipstick on one end and a corresponding gloss on the other end. The lipstick is a standard lipstick. Lasts a couple hours. Average moisture of a lipstick. Faint vanilla scent that doesn’t linger. Swivel up lipstick bulllit one one end, The gloss is also a standard formula gloss. Somewhat sticky but not overly so. Gives a nice shine to the lipstick. Also faint vanilla scent that doesn’t linger. Standard doe foot lipgloss wand on the other end.

Risk It All is a nude pink rose lipstick. The other end is a golden shimmer gloss with bronzey undertones.

Barboss-y lipstick is a brownie nude color. The corresponding gloss is a shimmery Light peach gold.

What’s funny is that both duos look almost the same on my lips. Not sure if my lips are just pigmented or the colors turned. But both duos create a shimmery pink brownie nude look on my lips. Both very pretty. Great nude shades. I picked these up for $5 each but they originally retailed for $25 each.

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