RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum Review

I recently was using Latisse and got great results. But the $100 price tag had me looking for cheaper alternatives. So far, big mistake trying to save money. RevitaLash was a big waste of money and so is this product.

RapidLash is made with Hexatein 1 complex that is supposed to promote lash and brow durability, sheen and shine for an overall healthier lash and brow appearance. The ads don’t actually say it grows lashes.

To apply, you just swipe the thin brush along your clean upper lash line once every night for 4-6 weeks, After two months of daily use on my lashes, I got nothing. No length, no fullness, nothing. Wasted $50 on this bogus product. Stay tuned for my next lash product review in two months, GrandeLash. But for now don’t waste your money on RapidLash. Skip this one.

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