Summer Travel Fashion 2018

I definitely prefer traveling in the winter v. summer. I love wearing coats and boots. They might be heavier to carry but winter clothes do hide the extra pounds.

And when I say travel fashion I mean clothes you can be a tourist in. I have one carry on with me and have to fit everything in it. I can’t be carrying around a ton of shoes and outfit changes. This is what i wear from morning to night. I don’t really go out for too many fancy dinners, so I’m not worried about dressy outfits. Just something you can check out a city in and still go sit in a cafe for dinner.

Summer travel outfits can be tricky. The outfit needs to be appropriate for hot weather but not make me look too fat. I’m not 25 years old anymore and a size 2. This summer my go-to outfit has been the cotton mini dress with a pair of cotton bike shorts underneath and a pair of converse sneakers.

Why the bike shorts? In addition to prevent any thigh chafing, they keep your bum covered from any wind or going up stairs. I tend to avoid sandals because a lot of cities can be dirty. Not to mention, a flat sandal usually has no support. My converse sneakers have a cushioned insole I added. Plus with a little liner sock, keep my feet dry.

I don’t really like shorts that much. With my chunky thighs, it’s hard to find a good length short that isn’t so short you can see cellulite or so long, it looks too old lady.

The cotton dress looks pulled together. You can still go out to a nice restaurant as well. But avoid white, gets dirty, and light solids. Solids really show sweat stains more.

I’ve also done the denim shorts and kimono look this summer with converse sneakers. The kimono is another great way to hide a little extra weight and cover your bum. But be careful, if denim gets wet, it never dries and will create chafing issues.

And last but not least is the summer covered outfits. What’s that? When you happen to be traveling to a country where knees and shoulders have to be covered. It’s a little warmer but sometimes you have no choice. I’d rather be one of those people who are prepared rather than scurrying around trying to find pieces to cover up. I typically have donned black leggings with a athletic top. Why athletic? A cotton shirt will show sweat marks so be careful. But if you pick up some of those athletic shirts in a fabric that wicks away moisture, they hide sweat and look great. If you are still worried about showing your bootie then throw on a long sleeve shirt or jacket tied around your waist. I also have gotten some thin lightweight jackets from sporting goods stores. Throw on converse sneakers and you are good to go.

I also always carry a backpack. A waterproof one. I used to like the crossbody bag but as I’ve gotten older, shoulder pain can be an issue. Plus with the backpack, i can carry more items like a bottle of water or mini umbrella. Or anything I’ve purchased along the day! When I get in a crowded area, i switch the backpack forward so I can keep my eye on the pockets. And it’s fairly hard to get a backpack off if worn properly.

So grab a summer travel outfit and enjoy your vacation! For more summer style ideas, check out my Pinterest page, under the same name, Layover Lifestyle. I have fashion ideas broken up into seasonal looks as well as some key clothing pieces.


  1. I prefer traveling in summer, mostly because of clothes. I am far from happy with my looks but when I travel I don’t really care that much about that and I think that summer clothes hide those extra kilos better than winter ones that are way more thick and it is hard to show off your figure.

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