1000 North Restaurant Review

What do celebrities do when they want to go out but be alone? They open their own restaurant. Michael Jordan and Ernie Els are counted as some of the owners of this new restaurant in Jupiter Florida. This is set on the intercoastal near the Jupiter Lighthouse across the street from the casual bars and restaurants like U-Tiki, Jetty’s and Square Grouper. 1000 North is a high end steakhouse/seafood restaurant with a modern flair set in the perfect location. Just recently opened in February 2018, it has an outdoor bar and seating as well as in indoor bar, and private dining rooms. And if you don’t mind spending $3500 a year you can join the members only second floor where apparently they have a bar and tables and you can get reservations downstairs with priority seating.

I was hoping this restaurant had worked out all the kinks. But alas it has not. It’s got a long way to go. We arrived on a Wednesday night at 7pm out of season. There was still a one hour wait so we headed to the bar. They had a great wine, cocktails and beer selection. Service was a little slow but friendly. After our wait, we headed to the main dining room.

My friend immediately noticed that several of the waiters had armpit sweat stains in their blue uniform shirts. Maybe management needs to rethink that uniform. Not very attractive at a high end restaurant.

We got our menus and then began our long wait to take our order. It was almost an hour. There was plenty of staff but everyone looked lost. We finally flagged our waiter down to put our order in.

We started with the Big Eye Tuna Poke, the Steak Tartar, the chilled shrimp, the Street Corn Caesar Salad and the She Crab Soup. The tuna was delicious but a small portion. Probably my favorite. The steak tartar was a generous serving size served with crostini that was also very good. The soup was good but looked like three spoonfuls. My husband said his shrimp were great but the sauces were ok.

And the Caesar salad was pretty good as well but nothing to write home about.

Next up was dinners. My filet was over cooked. The N.Y. Strip steaks came out fine as well as the prime rib. My husband also got the San Martin Cannolicche pasta which was the standout meal in the group. The flavors were fantastic. The truffle fries were good and so were the mashed potatoes. (Reminded me of the famous mashed potatoes from Le atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris). The broccolini was average. After everyone finished, my steak arrived by the manager who curtly asked if i wanted any fresh sides.

We were so tired at this point, we got our desserts to go and paid the bill. As I’m writing this, I’m quite annoyed the manager never offered to take the steak off the bill. The total price for the dinner was $700. After the ridiculously long sit at the table for our order to be taken and then ruining my dinner, the restaurant should have offered to remove it. That’s the minimum a restaurant at this caliber should offer to do.

Overall, despite the great location, the food and service at the restaurants across the street are better. This place had a few standouts but the table’s general consensus after dinner was just ok and no one said they would go back. I can see the outdoor bar area doing good business despite the service since it will be gorgeous in season. Maybe Michael Jordan doesn’t care as long as the private upstairs members only area stays open! Skip 1000 North until they get new management.

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