Temple Court NYC Review

I recently visited Manhattan and stayed at The Beekman Hotel. I decided to try their in-house restaurant, Temple Court. There’s a bar and a separate restaurant.

Inside you step into a beautiful bar set in a library setting with books lining one side and the menu naming the drinks after famous authors. The place was cozy and jam packed so make a reservation.

I opted for a simple margarita. I probably should have gone for one of the House speciality cocktails but I had no idea what to try.

After my drink, I proceeded over to the restaurant for dinner. I decided to try the tasting menu and wine pairing.

The first course was a delicious Flake Crudo with Shiso, grapefruit, and salmon roe paired with a rose from the Canary Islands. It was light and refreshing.

The second course was a delightful Porcini Casoncelli. Black truffles, white asparagus and Parmesan cheese. With porcini mushrooms and a light delicate pasta. Delicious. This was served with a Chardonnay.

The third course was Prosciutto wrapped quail with Rainer cherries, fennel and Sicilian pistachios. The fennel worked nicely with the quail and I loved the crispy prosciutto. I’m not sure I needed the cherries, but it gave the dish many layers. This was paired with a red wine.

The fourth course was Snake River Farms Wagyu with asparagus spring onions and motel mushrooms. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender. But a huge portion after the other three courses. This was also served with a red wine.

The final course was Buttermilk Panna Cotta with nectarines, pine nuts, and spruce. This was the most disappointing. The Panna Cotta was light and very thin with a carmelized topping interspersed with nectarines. I found myself wanting more of a creme brûlée. But i suppose it’s more of a texture issue. This was paired with a port.

Overall, the dinner was delicious and a nice balance of different flavors. I think the biggest problem was the service. The wait staff looked put upon and the wine pairings would show up late. And the restaurant was not even packed. The sommelier seemed annoyed by our questions which led to my having no adequate details about each wine. Although everything paired well, I have no accurate description of what I had.

With so many good restaurants in NYC, a restaurant can’t afford to have poor service. But the food was really good.

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